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The exponential increases in data seen in the last ten years have had a chilling effect on the democratization of data analysis. Data sets, though available, have become so large, and the technologies that control them have become so powerfully complex, that many of the best minds in academia and business face seemingly insurmountable technical obstacles when trying to draw insights. Digital Minion provides data consulting services to overcome those obstacles and get you the data you can use.

Looking to forecast events and efficiently optimize a solution your business can act upon? We provide beginning-to-end support for your data acquisition and translation process. We believe that great insights into our clients’ businesses come not just from efficient data acquisition, but increasingly from the vast amount of metadata that can be generated at high-speed through the application of statistics and deterministic systems.

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Your data, refined!

A Data Minion (DM) provides you with centralized control of your data and your analysis by enabling you to manage and aggregate your data, thereby optimizing your subject areas to enable fast combination of data sources.

A DM can scale to thousands of data sources, enabling you to analyze and manipulate your data to reveal macro- and micro–insights.

Your personal DM will offer you a centralized platform that provides the ability to capture or load a variety of data inputs, clean and process that data, segment and store that data, and then distribute that information across a variety of platforms and products.

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Why Digital Minion?

 Bringing our clients their ideal capabilities in via a three-phase automated process: 

  • Collection: Bringing all data sources together to create a single view of a topic area that is aggregated to provide many dimensions for analysis.
  • Evaluation: Once the data is available in a central data-warehouse, it is managed and permissioned for viewing by others, analyzed, and finally segmented into aggregated cubes and metadata to form a consistent data framework across the enterprise.
  • Distribution: Finally, once the data has been integrated and made into actionable cubes, it is API accessible across a multitude of analytical products.

By incorporating Digital Minion’s assets and expertise in data, analytics, consulting, multichannel analytics, and enterprise integration, we are able to deliver a highly comprehensive data management solution.



Big Data

“refers to things one can do at large scale that cannot be done at a smaller on, to extract new insights or create new forms of value, in ways that change markets, organization, the relationship between citizens and governments and more” - Kenneth Cukier "Big Data"


We work to help your organization glean the greatest value from any data being collected. We provide analysis and actionable insights, and ultimately help you construct an optimization plan that delivers results.

The end of tradeoff

“Working with a subset rather than the whole entails a trade-off: [a] company can find what it is looking for faster and more cheaply but it can’t answer questions it didn’t consider in advance”- Kenneth Cukier "Big Data"

Omni Data

Not all data needs to be big. At Digital Minion we use our years of experience in data acquisition to help you find the data that solves your problem maximizing results while lowering server time and thusly cost.